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Using Predictive Analytics to Define the Leads That Matter

Sales and Marketing Management features MarketStar with this article, Using Predicitve Analytics to Define the Lead That Matter.  Read More

Three Essentials for Better Data in the Age of AI

ChiefMarketer features MarketStar in the article, Three Essentials for Better Data in the Age of AI. 

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MarketStar Outlines Strategies for AdTech, Digital Media Companies

Industry Leader’s New E-Book Offers Advice for Businesses to Stay Competitive in the Crowded Market

Ogden, UT—Date here—MarketStar, the industry leader in outsourced sales and marketing, today announced that it is publishing a guide to help AdTech and digital media businesses sell their solutions in the current booming market. The e-book, How Businesses Can Stay Competitive in the Crowded AdTech Space, is available for free download at http://www.marketstar.com/show-me-the-revenue-4-ways-to-stand-out-in-the-adtech-space

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Paul Grant Receives a 2018 SAMY Award

Paul Grant, Chief Revenue Officer of MarketStar, won a 2018 SAMY award after helping 40 percent of MarketStar’s business development team to reach their quota by Q3 of 2017. Grant and his team have also delivered 235 percent year-over-year growth from net-new brand revenue in 2017. Read More

Women Tech Council Reveals 2018 Shatter List

SALT LAKE CITY, Jan. 17, 2018 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Women Tech Council, a national organization based in Silicon Slopes focused on increasing the number of women in technology, today released the 2018 Shatter List showcasing 44 technology companies that are creating and enacting practices and cultures that remove the glass ceiling. The list is the first research of the technology industry to review and rate the development and successful implementation of measures that create inclusive cultures where women can contribute and succeed.

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MarketStar Publishes Guide to Outsourcing Inside Sales

outsourced-inside-sales-cover-image.pngOGDEN, Utah, Sept. 26, 2017 -- MarketStar, the industry leader in outsourced sales and marketing, today announced it is publishing a guide for businesses considering outsourcing their inside sales processes. The e-book, Is Outsourced Inside Sales Right for You?, is available for free download at http://impact.marketstar.com/download-outsourced-inside-sales.

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MarketStar Shares Sales Management Insights With LevelEleven

LevelEleven discusses sales insights from MarketStar and other thought leaders in this article about the latest AA-ISP conferences. Read More

MarketStar is Featured in 17 B2B Social Media Campaigns to Learn from in 2017

Socedo features MarketStar in the best B2B social media marketing campaigns to learn from in 2017.  Read More

MarketStar Listed as One of Five Outsourcing Companies to Grow Your Sales in Entrepreneur Article

Entrepreneur features MarketStar in the article, "How to Grow Your Sales with These Top 5 Outsourcing-Sales Companies."

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