Six Lessons from Aiming to Run a Successful Global Team

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As a growing international sales and marketing company, MarketStar is invested in gaining understandings on managing global teams effectively (we are in 55+ countries). As a resource we have engaged with Michele Markus, Omnicom Worldwide Enterprise Lead, to share with us her lessons on managing global teams effectively. She brings vast experience and knowledge into this topic. 

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The Quick and Dirty Guide to Software-Defined Data Centers

The Quick and Dirty Guide to Software Defined Data Centers

Software-defined data centers (SDDCs) continue to become an attractive option for organizations looking to maximize versatility with their data environments. According to a report from Allied Market Research, the market for SDDCs will grow to an impressive $139 billion by 2022. Organizations that get on board with this trend will be well-positioned for this expansion.

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Sales Operations and the A.I. Explosion


Several months ago we were fortunate enough to have Ben Taylor, one of the local leaders in Artificial Intelligence (AI) come speak to us about the state of the industry. While the discussion was focused mainly on technology and capabilities, there are some impacts to how we do sales operations that I want to share.

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Big Data Trends: The State of Sales in 2018

Big Data Trends The State of Sales in 2018

What were the leading big data trends in 2017? From artificial intelligence (AI) to data integration, there were several concepts and technologies that captivated the industry and drove it forward. Perhaps nothing was as big and encompassing as automation, which influenced everything from prioritizing leads to providing increasingly accurate, contextual prospect data. As the new year begins, however, we turn our gaze toward the future—and the state of sales over the next year.

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Achieving the Dream—True Diversity

As we remember Dr. Martin Luther King, we can reflect on how much things have changed since the March on Washington, and how far we still have to go. Thankfully, many of the legal and systemic barriers that prevented true inclusion have been removed. But in the technology industry, where I've made my career, statistics show a sad reality: Women, African Americans and Latinos are severely underrepresented in most large technology companies. Why does it matter? Let's set aside, for a moment, the obvious answer that it indicates potential bias, prejudice or systemic problems and the lost opportunities for those who have been discriminated against. Countless studies have empirically proven it also matters because those organizations are less effective, make poorer decisions and are less profitable than their more diverse counterparts. In other words, lack of diversity makes them less effective at achieving core business goals.

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How to Pivot without Circling Back. Creating Lasting Change. 

"Here I am again," you may say to yourself after another initiative you were a part of that was supposed to be the Hail Mary to end all Hail Mary’s has failed. How can this be? If it’s any solace, Mckinsey estimates that only 20% of corporate transformations  are considered successful.  This probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise to you. The more things change…the less inclined people are to bother trying to affect any lasting difference. Changes that don't succeed are infuriating to everyone in the process and incredibly detrimental to any future attempts at improvement.

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The Role of Thought Leadership in Partner Enablement

To succeed in channel sales, it’s essential to emphasize thought leadership as a way to enable existing partners and attract new ones. According to Forbes, thought leadership takes marketing to a new level. It increases the visibility of your organization by accelerating marketing efforts to accomplish goals and generate new leads.

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Finding Cloud Partners that will Transact starts with Channel Readiness

Guest Blogger David O'Brien, with Partner Perspectives shares insight gained from living in the partner world (while operating a reseller business). He understands, firsthand, what works and what doesn't work with vendors and the relationship investment made to succeed with channel partners. MarketStar and Partner Perspectives have joined forces to create a Channel readiness program that provides Channel assessment, planning, implementation, and framework guidance to position vendor channel partners for maximum performance.

The world around us is constantly changing. Gartner predicts by 2021, 28% of all IT spending will be for cloud-based infrastructure, middleware, application and business process services. As the economy changes, so do the preferences and purchasing habits of users. This in and of itself creates a change in the delivery model to those same customers. Partners, too, are in the throes of transformation - thanks largely to the bold digital world that we're now living in. 

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Sales Engineers: Re-Inventing the Wheel of Pre-Sales Technical Support

Complex technologies, products, and offerings require more than traditional sales reps to close a deal. As easy as it is to think you are ahead of the curve when it comes to sales innovations, we often find ourselves reinventing the wheel—to make things more efficient, affordable, and scalable. Currently, that proverbial wheel is worn with field sales reps that are focused purely on dollars, and not on solutions, which you’ve probably already seen in your own programs with flat sales. Unfortunately, this seems to get worse with each new product launch. Sales get bogged down in an endless loop of "I don't know,” “I'm not sure,” or “I'll need to look that up."

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Channel Management Best Practices: Optimizing Your Cloud Strategy

You’ve started the process of building a cloud strategy in the channel. You know that the cloud requires scale and volume, which is a far cry from on-premises strategies. In a previous blog post, we discussed how vendors must begin this transition to the cloud. For starters, they must have a business model that offers partners a promise of new revenue—and a fully enabled plan to get them there.

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