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2 Ways Emerging Brands Can Maximize VC Funding

It is well-known that a vast majority of early stage companies fail. According to Small Business Trends, only 56% percent of companies started in 2014 made it into their 5th year of operation. In an attempt to buck the trend and thrive in an ever-changing technology and business landscape, many companies turn to Venture Capital firms, private equity companies who invest in small or early stage companies, as a means to grow and achieve market dominance. Everyone wants to be the next big Unicorn, but a recent study shows that at even amongst Venture Capital backed companies, the odds of that becoming a reality are less than 1%.

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3 Key Takeaways from Paul Grant's Article on Growth in 2020


Last month Paul Grant, Chief Customer Officer at MarketStar, shared Six Reasons Why Outsourced Sales Should Be in Your Plan for growth in 2020. According to Statista, the global market for outsourced services over the last three years is at $85.6 Billion and continues to grow. Here are three key takeaways from Paul Grant’s article on why leveraging a Sales-as-a-Service® partner like MarketStar increases your chances for success in sales:

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3 Ways to Scale Your Sales Teams

Success doesn’t come without growing pains. As your operation scales, you need to find the most effective ways to scale your sales program to support growth without adding too much overhead. Expanding any sales team takes time and money, and in rapidly changing markets it too often seems like sales is always catching up. To sustain growth you need to be able to scale sales in step with the rest of the organization, and that takes a well-devised plan.

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