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Cost Comparison: The Value of Outsourcing Sales

B2B selling has become more complex. It used to be that B2B sales was a linear process, and a sales rep would own the customer relationship from lead development through final close and onboarding–then repeat the process. 

No longer. 

These days, customers are conducting proactive product research, trying to make sense of alternative solutions that meet their business needs. The process has become more complicated, in some cases making the customer less inclined to buy, fearing that they might make a mistake. As a result, the sales rep has to be a solution adviser that builds product confidence, quickly, with the customers.

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How to Choose the Right Outsourced Sales Partner

Not too long ago, B2B sales was a relatively uncomplicated process. Experienced sales reps would own the customer relationship, from prospecting and acquisition right through to product training. 

Times have changed.

B2B buyers are better educated and more discriminating, competition is tougher, and organizations are scrambling to lower their customer acquisition costs and increase customer lifetime value (LTV). As a result, the sales process has become more diversified, with different job functions for lead acquisition, nurturing, closing, and onboarding customers. 

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Outsourcing Sales Continues to Rise: What we Learned in 2019

Outsourcing all or part of the B2B sales process is on the rise as more companies realize the power of outsourcing to increase their sales. 

According to the 2019 Marketing Mix Report published by Sagefrog Marketing Group, 63 percent of B2B companies were expected to outsource sales and marketing in 2019. In fact, 67 percent cited increasing sales leads as their top priority for the year, and 35 percent said their top priority was converting leads.

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Top 7 Women of the Channel You Should be Following

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How to Maximize Sales Through Direct Market Resellers

In the world of B2B sales there are different types of distribution partners, and each one plays a distinct role in reaching and servicing customers. Value-added resellers, for example, are high-touch partners that sell goods and services as part of a complete solution. At the other end of the spectrum are direct market resellers (DMRs), distributors that sell directly to businesses online or via telephone orders. DMRs maintain catalogs of goods to sell through online storefronts or by taking phone orders. DMRs can be an important part of any vendor’s value chain if you know how to provide the right support.

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2 Ways to Provide Empowerment when Managing Sales Reps

You have no doubt heard the phrase, “People are your most valuable resource.” Nowhere is that more true than in the world of B2B sales. Experienced, committed, savvy sales professionals are your most valuable asset, especially if you empower them to be valuable. Good sales reps are not service bots or order takers simply tasked with achieving quotas; they are skilled professionals who understand the value of what they are selling, how that value proposition meets customer needs, and the lifeblood of your revenue generation engine. When it comes to managing sales reps effectively, empowering them to succeed always yields better results.

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[Infographic] In-house vs. Outsourced Sales

Rapid market changes paired with new and increasingly complex product and service offers means one thing for sales: Adapt and evolve if you want to succeed. So, when it comes to the decision to overhaul your sales team for agility and scale, you have two options: Expand internally or partner up with an outsourced inside sales provider.

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2 Ways Emerging Brands Can Maximize VC Funding

It is well-known that a vast majority of early stage companies fail. According to Small Business Trends, only 56% percent of companies started in 2014 made it into their 5th year of operation. In an attempt to buck the trend and thrive in an ever-changing technology and business landscape, many companies turn to Venture Capital firms, private equity companies who invest in small or early stage companies, as a means to grow and achieve market dominance. Everyone wants to be the next big Unicorn, but a recent study shows that at even amongst Venture Capital backed companies, the odds of that becoming a reality are less than 1%.

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3 Key Takeaways from Paul Grant's Article on Growth in 2020


Last month Paul Grant, Chief Customer Officer at MarketStar, shared Six Reasons Why Outsourced Sales Should Be in Your Plan for growth in 2020. According to Statista, the global market for outsourced services over the last three years is at $85.6 Billion and continues to grow. Here are three key takeaways from Paul Grant’s article on why leveraging a Sales-as-a-Service® partner like MarketStar increases your chances for success in sales:

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3 Ways to Scale Your Sales Teams

Success doesn’t come without growing pains. As your operation scales, you need to find the most effective ways to scale your sales program to support growth without adding too much overhead. Expanding any sales team takes time and money, and in rapidly changing markets it too often seems like sales is always catching up. To sustain growth you need to be able to scale sales in step with the rest of the organization, and that takes a well-devised plan.

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