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Our Purpose – Finding our Reason for Being



MarketStar has formally released our company purpose: Create Growth. So simple, so elegant, yet so complex. Not just the composition, but also in how it was discovered and launched into the world. It’s quite a journey, uncovering this purpose, but one that has left me inspired, energized, and hopeful for everything we do as a company. For me, it all started with a simple question: what DO we do? 

When we began the process of determining what our company purpose was, we started with the most basic definition: a purpose is why we exist, what we are trying to accomplish. It had to be inspirational, aspirational, clear, concise, and simple. No. Easy. Task. 

We all asked ourselves the one question I had been asking – what does MarketStar do? What is our purpose for existing? We could be glib and say “make money” or even “provide outsourced sales for tech companies.” And while those statements are technically true, we had to go deeper. We knew that our people needed and wanted a North Star. Something that inspired them to do a hard job in a way that motivated them to rise beyond just selling widgets. We are a company of salespeople, so how do we inspire them to BE more? 

We are all persuaders. Growing up, we learn how to get someone’s attention, how to find answers to our questions, how to turn a “no” into a “yes!” We are taught how to communicate with people, how to maintain eye contact, the value of a firm handshake, and how to build relationships that unlock value over time. 

We are all fundamentally salespeople. 

Selling is a simple concept, but the skills needed to be great are skills everyone should develop. A great salesperson is great at communicating and great at solving problems. Selling connects all humans, one way or another. 

Selling is a noble profession, but only if we act with nobility and with purpose. We sell what is needed to those who have needs. We strive to sell products and services you can stand behind and feel comfortable selling. To sell is human. To be great at selling is superhuman. So with a deeper purpose in mind, let’s use our super powers for good! Do it with conviction, with a purpose! But what IS that purpose? 

We know what we do, but we needed to understand why we did it? 

There is one grand debate that I have always been fascinated with – and that’s “can you mix science and spirituality?” To some, they see these two things as mutually exclusive. One is of the mind, the other is of the soul. For me, they are NOT mutually exclusive, when in fact, they are reliant upon each other. Science is the tool we use to explain how the world works. Spirituality is the tool that gives the world meaning. They work together to give your life breadth and depth. Co-conspirators that form the light that shines the way. They work in the life of an individual as well as for the direction of a group of people. They work together for a company. 

Our science is sales – it’s the tool we use to make the world around us work and work better. But what is our meaning? Our spirit? Our purpose? 

As we pondered our place in the cosmos and beyond, we kept landing on one word: growth. We help others grow in many ways – their business, which is to say, their ideas, their innovations, and their widgets. These things companies create all make the world a better place, in one way or another. And it’s noble to help make this happen, truly noble to help facilitate this growth. We fill needs, help others grow their livelihood, bring solutions to the world. But we don’t just facilitate growth, we help create it! Eureka! 

As we started to home in one what we do and what the deeper meaning is behind that simple act of creating growth, we started to see different colors and different notes of meaning. What about our people? What do we do as a company for THEM? We provide a profession, a place to help them provide for themselves and for their families. Benefits that help them live, survive, and thrive. We are the place that facilitates the very act of their own growth – personal, financial, intellectual – helping them become more tomorrow than they are today. We help them create growth in their own lives, and in the lives of those they care for. More growth! 

And as we look to our communities (the places where we live, work, and play), we support, we care, we provide resources. Through our people, our financial reserves, our ability to bring others together for a cause, we generate growth opportunities for those in our communities – of all ages. Once again, we are not just facilitating growth, we are helping to create it for our community. 

We are finding meaning in what we do. It’s growth – we create it. MarketStar – we Create Growth! 

Growth that comes from delivering our best work every day, driving others to do more, and being rewarded and recognized for raising the bar higher than every customer expectation. 

Growth that comes from a culture of learning where we take a different approach, learn new techniques, and constantly elevate ourselves, our team, and our customers. 

Growth that comes from having the courage to express ourselves, listen intently to our customers, give candid, helpful, and timely feedback, and holding ourselves to a higher standard of communication. 

Growth that comes from being a leader on our teams, bringing our ideas and talents to others in the organization, or leaving MarketStar for that bigger and better life opportunity. 

Growth that comes from making time for the good things in life, and achieving true harmony with our career, our family, our community, and improving our best selves. 

Science and spirituality working together to give a group of people a purpose in their professional lives. It’s why we exist and what we are trying to accomplish. And yet, it’s inspirational, aspirational, clear, concise, and simple. 

No easy task getting there, but here we are. Welcome to MarketStar – we Create Growth: for ourselves, our clients, and our communities.