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Welcome to The Link

MarketStar’s careers and culture blog! In The Link we cover career trends and topics related specifically to MarketStar and our amazing team. All posts are written by MarketStar leaders, subject matter experts, and passionate employees who are excited about our company and their own careers. Thanks for joining us!

Moving to Empower Women

The main goal of any for-profit organization is to make an impact while growing revenue. They make money by creating growth for their employees, their clients, and their community. Women can play a major part in helping organizations achieve this goal. In fact, a recent study shows that on average, companies with at least one woman in the C-suite are 6% more profitable that those without. Those with at least one woman on the board, outperform those without by 16%. These numbers give everyone a reason to care. If women are so vital to an organization’s success and bottom line, why is it so hard to hire, retain, and promote them?

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5 Tips to Capture Quality Employee Referrals


Over the last four years, I have referred dozens of employees to join me at MarketStar, one of The Salt Lake Tribunes Top Workplaces of 2019. During a recent company-wide meeting, our CEO, Keith Titus, gave me a shout-out for being one of the company’s top referrers in a segment on our employee referral program. Though MarketStar provides compensation for referrals, it’s not all about the compensation for me. It’s about helping my network, friends, and family find jobs where they can thrive.

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Belonging to Something Bigger

One of our summer adventures took us to see nature’s skyscrapers in Sequoia National Park. At 2,100 years old, General Sherman stands as the largest living tree on earth. In a grove of giants, it stands 275 feet tall with a 102-foot ground circumference. The awe and magnitude of Sequoia’s beauty tranquilized the hundreds of park guests as we respectfully explored the forest. 

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The Race for Inclusion

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to vacation with my family in San Francisco, where we stopped by the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial. Within this memorial, there is an amazing waterfall. Behind the waterfall lies quotes from the iconic “I Have a Dream” speech etched in glass-like walls. Though I’ve heard, read, and seen this speech many times, on this occasion, while reading quotes from that speech, it really touched my soul. Together, my family and I read the quotes aloud, and we all experienced the “chill” running down our backs. Shortly thereafter, we discussed the importance of treating everyone with dignity and respect. Then the kids ran off through the garden area with many other children from all different ethnicities and cultural backgrounds. It was quite an experience, and truly something I will never forget.

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Create Your Own Success

The true reward of growth, success, and consequently learning the most, comes when the right mindset is applied to a challenging situation that others may have flagged as second-rate. 

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10 Things to Know about MarketStar

Chances are, someone you know or love has kick-started their career at MarketStar. As one of Northern Utah’s largest, longest-tenured, and most respected private employers, we have had tens of thousands of people work in our offices and become a part of the MarketStar family. And even though so many people have called MarketStar home at one time or another, many people still say, “Oh…MarketStar! Now, what do you guys do there?”

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