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Welcome to The Link

MarketStar’s careers and culture blog! In The Link we cover career trends and topics related specifically to MarketStar and our amazing team. All posts are written by MarketStar leaders, subject matter experts, and passionate employees who are excited about our company and their own careers. Thanks for joining us!

Living The Six Episode 4 - "Masters of Our Craft" Roundtable with MarketStar RockStars

About our Guests:

Angel Ringstad has been at MarketStar for three and a half years as a member of one of our strategic partnerships. Outside of work, she is a painter, an advocate for social justice, and a mother of five. She takes great care of her team at work and loves spoiling her grandbaby. 

Charlie Padilla is a returning member of the MarketStar family after leaving to pursue an opportunity at a large AdTech company. He came back to help pilot a new, high-profile AdTech program within MarketStar and has had great success. He and his wife have two kids, eight and four years old, who keep them very busy! His hobbies include golfing, gaming, and spending time with his family.

Tyce Spencer is celebrating his 13-year mark with MarketStar and leads one of our sales teams. His why is about seeing others grow and succeed, which is why Tyce is a true example of someone who works hard to include all the team in activities, discussions, and events where people can connect. Tyce brings in “All In, Every Day” and “You Belong” to his team every day.

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Living The Six Episode 3 - "You Belong" with Joey Lopez

About our Guest:

Joey Lopez Sr. is a Global Program Manager at MarketStar. As a young actor and model, Joey developed a diverse range of experiences and talents centered around connecting to others. After recovering from bone cancer, he continued to apply his skills in the entertainment industry with an eventual move into sales. With over ten years of experience in digital marketing, sales conversion, and technology, he joined MarketStar to lead our sales teams continuing his passion for encouraging a sense of belonging in the workplace. He and his wife of 24 years live happily with their four children and grandchild.

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Sales Talent: The Race for Inclusion

When shopping for sales talent, every company hires with diversity in mind. Unfortunately, diversity is more about hiring for compliance than success. Smart organizations hire sales talent with an eye toward inclusion, not just diversity. Inclusive hiring is reflected in not only how you hire, but also how you enable the people you hire.

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Designing Your Future with YOU in Mind

Are you designing your future or your dreams with YOU in mind? When I ask this question, most people look at me like I’m crazy. Of course, we do! Who wouldn’t? Well, let me explain.

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MarketStar — a Top Workplace in Utah

There’s a saying that goes, treat a person as they are, and that person will remain as they are. Treat a person as they could be, and they will become as what they should be.

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One Veteran’s Perspective

In 2006, I was stationed in Baqubah, Iraq as a Combat Videographer in the United States Air Force. In that role, I was attached to Army units with the 4th Infantry Division and 10th Special Forces Group, along with other American and Iraqi military units. It was one of the best and one of the hardest experiences of my life. I think most people who have served in the military—especially if they’ve served in an active warzone—would agree that they’re better people for having lived through some of those moments. I have since left the Air Force, but I am certain today that military service has made me and millions of other veterans throughout the country stronger candidates in the civilian workforce for three key reasons.  

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