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Leaders Who Amplify: A MarketStar Value


They say people come for the job but stay for their boss. It’s proven time and again the top reason someone might move on from their current job is because they don’t align with their manager. Other reasons follow close behind, such as limited career progression or not enough opportunities for skill development. These may sound like singular and isolated issues someone might encounter in a job that isn’t fulfilling, but they can actually also tie back to having a manager that doesn’t prioritize their people. When employees feel their manager isn’t opening doors to more opportunities and isn’t looking to develop them professionally, is where they usually start to feel (rightfully so) devalued and start looking for better positions.

Leaders Who Amplify

Our leaders behave with integrity, lead with clarity, and speak with candor. Their purpose is to nurture trust, drive results, and reward success. The very best leaders cultivate an environment where exceptional results are delivered and the ideas and talents of our people to come to life.

What does that mean at MarketStar?

We asked leaders here at MarketStar about our new value, leaders who amplify, how that results in a better environment, and even a better relationship with their people. Judi Clark shares with us how even though her teams have a lot of comradery, they all work together towards excellence as professionals because she is a leader that loves to amplify her people.


“I’m working on being a leader who amplifies, which means I want to create a culture that is built on candor, trust, and drives results. In other words, as I’m talking to my team, we work super hard, every single day because we’re closers! But we also have a really good time that’s full of laughter and jokes, because we’re funny and charming.”

– Judy Clark, Global Sales Manager, MarketStar

When you have leaders in your company that look for ways to both challenge and educate their teams, you have an environment that is geared for excellence which drives personal and professional development within each and every person. That’s why we at MarketStar has Leaders Who Amplify as a key value that is built into our company. Our culture is made of people who are driven by a growth mindset that lifts others so no matter where you are, you always have opportunities that are enabled by our leaders.

MarketStar’s value-driven culture, dedication to community, and abundant career growth opportunities have always been some of the top reasons people come to MarketStar. They are further shown through the actions of our leaders who encourage their teams to find creative solutions to problems. Through discovering each person’s unique approach to challenges, our leaders put action to this value by doing all they can to enable strengths and clear obstacles, so each person is not only set up to succeed with their work, but to also facilitate their long-term career goals.

When our leaders work with their teams in ways that seek to develop the individual, they create a team that consistently surprises them on what they are able to accomplish. This is because managers show their teams how to grow and become a leader and mentor to each other through personal and professional development opportunities. This has a direct impact on how employees interact and derive fulfillment in their work, and why ultimately people stay at MarketStar as a result of their leaders lifting them up.