Stop Chasing Your Tail

More is better! That’s been the mantra of indirect channel programs within the IT industry for decades. And why? Because as high tech products and services have continued on their break-neck pace of innovation and product lifecycles continue to shorten, it’s not always clear what kind of channel partner you need to take your products to market. Nor is it clear which partner business models will be the most successful long-term. So, creating a broader community of partners reduces your risk and gives you more visibility and endorsement in the market. For the average tech vendor trying to drive market scale and incremental revenue through indirect channels, broad was good. But it’s not that simple any more.

There are five critical success factors for you to consider as you try to maximize revenue through your broad, “long tail” channel community:

• One size does not fit all
• Build a long-term relationship
• Create diverse communication
• Invest, but selectively
• Create a data-driven culture