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Top 5 Business Books You Should Read in 2019


Top Business Books 2019

To remain competitive requires fresh ideas that reveal new possibilities and opportunities. Too often, sales professionals become insulated within their own business; they are so focused on their own customers and meeting sales quotas that it is difficult to take the time to stop and contemplate new approaches and new strategies. Staying current with the latest business books is a great way to promote a fresh perspective and spark new ideas.

We consider it part of our job to stay current with the latest thinking in business and sales strategies. Here are just a few of our recommendations for business books for 2019:

  1. The Culture Code: The Secrets of Highly Successful Groups by Daniel Coyle—Coyle is the author of The Talent Code, which explains how to nurture talent, and he uses the same kind of approach in The Culture Code to explain how to build a strong culture of success. Many professionals are mystified by the concept of corporate culture and think culture “just happens.” Coyle draws from his observations working with successful groups such as a basketball team, military ops, an inner-city school, and even a gang of jewel thieves, looking for the common denominator that builds a culture of success.

  2. When to Jump: If the Job You Have Isn't the Life You Want by Mike Lewis—Lewis abandoned a job with Bain Capital to become a professional squash player, and he shares what he learned along the way. Unlike many books that encourage you to follow your professional dreams, Lewis is pragmatic in his approach. His is a grounded strategy that helps you develop a plan to move from your current job to something you really want to pursue.

  3. Extraordinary Influence: How Great Leaders Bring Out the Best in Others by Dr. Tim Irwin—Motivating others is a vital skill, and in his book, Dr. Irwin discusses why current corporate motivational strategies are broken. Every organization uses feedback systems such as salary reviews and peer feedback appraisals, but as Dr. Irwin explains, these strategies tend to have the opposite effect, putting employees on the defensive. Irwin believes in motivating employees by connecting their work with their aspirations.

  4. Girl, Stop Apologizing: A Shame-Free Plan for Embracing and Achieving Your Goals by Rachel Hollis—Gender bias in the workplace is a well-documented phenomenon. In her book, Hollis explores how women have been programmed to define themselves through others in roles such as wife, mother, daughter, or employee. She also provides insights into how to adopt a path of empowerment, taking care of your needs and goals rather than someone else’s. 

  5. Creative Construction: The DNA of Sustained Innovation by Gary P. Pisano—Jeff Bezos has been getting a lot of press lately, predicting that his company, Amazon, is doomed to fail in the coming years, partly because it’s losing its innovative momentum. Companies that fail to continually innovate become stagnant, but Pisano believes that sustained innovation is possible with the right approach. In his book, he discusses ways to promote systemic innovation, how to create a system of innovation, and strategies to make innovation part of the company’s DNA.

These are just a few of our favorite business books for 2019, but if you need more inspired reading, consider some of our business book favorites from 2018: 

Here at MarketStar, we have our own book club to promote new thinking and share fresh ideas. These are just some of the titles we discussed in 2018, and we have a variety of titles lined up for 2019. As we continue to embrace new ideas and test new strategies to improve sales for our customers, we will be sure to share what we learn. Watch this blog for more insights in the future.

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