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The Psychology Behind a Winning Direct Sales Strategy


When you consider ways to develop a winning sales strategy, how often do you think about sales psychology as part of the plan? Getting prospects to make a buying decision is more than just offering them a better deal or even offering the perfect solution to their problem. You have to build trust and establish the right emotional connection in order to get to “yes!” That’s why more sales professionals are paying closer attention to the psychology of selling.

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MarketStar Names Keith Titus as President, CEO and Board Member

Titus, current MarketStar President and COO, to replace Dave Treadway who is retiring December 31, 2018

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What the First 90 Days of Customer Success Should Look Like

Successful sales depend on customer success. What is customer success? It’s  the key differentiator between losing sales and ultra-growth, and the new term, especially in the B2B world, is here to stay. 

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Post Sales: Where Sales Ends and Customer Success Begins



If you are in sales, your focus is on closing the next deal. However, the post-sales process is just as important as getting the order. You spend time and energy bringing in new customers, and you want to make sure they stay happy, content, and loyal.

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Managing client data with respect to GDPR

GDPR is privacy legislation that came into effect in May 2018. The aim of the legislation is to give consumers control of their personal data and its use and collection by companies.  The GDPR replaces the previous Data Protection Directive, both strengthening privacy rules and harmonizing them across the 28-nation EU bloc. Crucially, the GDPR applies not only to organizations located within the EU, but also to companies outside of the EU if they offer goods or services to, or monitor the behavior of, people in Europe.

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Using a Customer Success Program to Boost SMB Sales


Happy customers are your best salespeople. In any SMB sales initiative, part of your mission is to build customer loyalty, not only so those customers will come back to buy more but so they will also serve as brand evangelists. If you can build customer trust and engender loyalty, then that customer will advocate for you. What’s more, keeping happy customers is one-fifth the cost of acquiring new ones.

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Identifying Pain Points During the Lead Qualification Process

You know that you have a great product; your customers tell you so. You are enthusiastic about your product or service and you know that your energy comes across in sales calls. You have a list of all the benefits your product brings to the table. You have even researched the competition and are ready to respond to any objections. So why aren’t you closing more deals?

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B2B Sales Techniques For A Digital World


Strategies for B2B sales have changed with the coming of the digital age. The days of cold calling are over, and we have entered a new era of B2B sales driven by customer experience (CX) and customer service. Today, selling is more about making a connection and solving customers’ problems than it is about making a hard sales pitch to close a deal. Welcome to the age of digital selling.

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How to Ramp Up International Sales With Channel Partners


Your company is growing. Sales continue to climb, and your online marketing program is so successful that you are getting customer queries from other countries. It’s time to expand your international sales strategy, but where do you start? Is it time to start opening regional sales offices, or is there a better way?

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Free CRM Tools for Tracking Your Sales Pipeline

In any business the customer comes first, which is why companies invest in customer relationship management (CRM) software. CRM platforms make it easier to take better care of customers and prospects, capturing everything you need to know about the status of any engagement and providing the insight you need to help keep the sales pipeline full. In fact, 91 percent of companies with 11 employees or more are using some form of CRM software, and as a result, revenues for CRM software sales have risen to $39.5 billion worldwide in 2017.

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