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Why Social Technology Boosts Business Value


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We’re getting social on whole new level at MarketStar. It’s been a full month since the Grand Opening of our social intranet for all our employees in the U.S. and Canada. More than 2,000 employees now use MarketStar Connect daily as a way to collaborate, connect, and communicate. As the Social Community Manager, it’s exciting to see the innovative ways our teams are using social technology to be more efficient and effective for our clients.

Trumping the Inbox with Improved Collaboration
In a world of email burnout, we’re finding social collaboration provides a real-time, archived form of collaboration. McKinsey Quarterly continues, “As companies adopt social platforms, communication becomes a new form of content, and more and more enterprise information can become readily accessible and easily searchable rather than sequestered as inbox ‘dark matter.’” They estimate social technologies improve collaboration and have the potential to raise worker productivity by 20 to 25 percent.

A Venue for Virtual Meeting of the Minds
A McKinsey Quarterly report in 2012 reported, “We believe that social technologies are destined to play a much larger role not only in individual interactions but also in how companies are organized and managed.” I couldn’t agree more. We’re finding our social intranet at MarketStar now provides a vibrant virtual meeting of the minds. We have a unique business, with employees spread across the globe, representing more than 50 different world-class brands. With social technology, we finally have a way to give them a voice and a place to collaborate – no matter their time zone.

Some early wins of MarketStar Connect? Our workforce is sharing best practices, crowdsourcing ideas for new products and services, and providing valuable feedback on corporate initiatives. All of these interactions are searchable, providing an easy-to-find stream of valuable content for ongoing use. One of our training managers, Rebecca Marcotte, said, “MarketStar Connect totally beats any kind of intranet experience I've ever had before. I immediately felt so much more connected to MarketStar as a whole."

Providing a Better Way to Connect
Interested in learning how you can use social technologies for your business? MarketStar offers proven platforms for connecting with communities, for clients such as HTC. Contact Vaughn Aust at for more information about Connect+.