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Where Can Sales Take You?


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When I came to MarketStar over four years ago, I came with a singular mindset and one expressed goal in mind: to join a team of specialists and experts in the "Sales as a Service" industry and seek to learn and master my skillset as a salesperson.

In that short span of time, I have not only been given the opportunity to execute on my initial goals and intentions, but also granted innumerable opportunities to grow my career in the form of leadership.

My own journey at MarketStar began as a Sales Development Representative (“pure sales” as we used to call it), that focuses on finding and winning new customers and business opportunities for our clients. This was the ideal starting point for anyone with a desire to learn the art and science of selling. I learned the importance of striking rapport early and creating meaningful relationships with our clientele that was and still is centered around having a clear focus on our value proposition, and how we can solve business needs and challenges together.  

This simple mindset and approach to our work has been the key ingredient to our secret sauce in delivering consistent results for our clients, and personally, it has been the been the driving force behind the pathing and direction of my career at MarketStar.

The next step in my journey was a slight, but significant change in role – from rep, to operating as a Player/Coach. This was a slight move in the sense that there was no discernible change to my deliverables as a rep, but significant in my level of responsibility in being accountable – not only for my own numbers, but also for the team's success. This expanded my universe in terms of perspective, and gave me my first taste of sales leadership... I was immediately hooked.  

Through demonstrable results and consistent performance, I was quickly developed into taking up a Team Leader role, rescinding my duties as a sales rep to focus full time on driving the results and performance at team level. It was during this period I was able to develop my client engagement & reporting skills that unlocked the next stages of my professional growth, moving into an operations role, and most recently, a senior/global management role. Consistent mentorship and guidance from my superiors and peers were essential during this period and kept me on track to enter into a phase in my career that I would scarcely believe possible before joining MarketStar.

For me, the most exciting elemenhere is that this type of story or journey is far from unique to my own experience. I have thoroughly enjoyed witnessing and being involved in (directly or indirectly) the personal and professional growth of many of my colleagues and peers. Again, the common thread in all of these growth stories is the execution of the core fundamentals at MarketStar, for me – was the balance of working hard, with determination and diligence – being “All-in, Every Day.”

Our company's ethos is to act, at all times, as an exemplar to your staff and peers. We avoid the approach “Do as I say (not as I do),” and instead – approach our work with a more democratic mindset where all insights and perspectives are valued, and where possible, acted upon.

Without a doubt, the most fulfilling aspect of my role has been having the opportunity to identify special talent to join our teams, guiding them to repeated success at rep level, and ultimately developing them into future Team Leaders & Managers –operating under our guiding principle of “Leaders Who Amplify.”  

This philosophy is evidenced throughout our practices at MarketStar. No woman/man is an island here, as we continuously look for the chance to collaborate on common or unique business challenges with a sense of care for our colleagues and customers alike – celebrating success as a collective along the way. 

If you have ever sat an interview with me, you will have heard me say the words “at MarketStar, we don’t just hire for today” - we seek to understand the underlying ambitions of a candidate and assess what growth opportunities we can capitalize on together in the future.

An integral part of our continued growth and success has been to identify budding talent that can be nurtured and blossom into a meaningful career.