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MarketStar — a Top Workplace in Utah



There’s a saying that goes, treat a person as they are, and that person will remain as they are. Treat a person as they could be, and they will become as what they should be.

This saying holds true not only for individuals, but for companies as well. On behalf of MarketStar, I want to thank each employee for making our company what it could and should be — a top workplace in Utah!

Earlier this year we participated in Utah’s Top Workplaces competition which is held by The Salt Lake Tribune and its partner, Energage, an employee research and consulting firm based in Philadelphia. This is the sixth year of the competition, where a survey is conducted for employees of Utah-based companies to rate their employers on how well they value and give their employees the resources to do their jobs. The survey gathers responses on multiple factors. Some of the factors measured in the survey include:

  • Alignment Where the company is headed, its values, cooperation
  • Effectiveness Doing things well, sharing different viewpoints, encouraging new ideas
  • Connection Employees feel appreciated, their work is meaningful
  • My Manager Supervisor cares about concerns, helps employees learn and grow
  • Employee Engagement Motivation, retention, and referral
  • Leader Confidence in company leadership
  • Basics Pay, benefits, flexibility, training, and expectations

MarketStar had roughly 750 employees complete this survey, which amounts to 88% of our workforce. Highlights of the survey revealed how well employees felt about their relationship with their supervisor. Employee sentiments of “My Manager Cares About My Concerns” and “My Manager Makes It Easier to Do My Job” carried the highest scores on the survey.

A few of the anonymous comments employees made were:  

  • “I feel as though the company truly values me as an individual.”
  • “My manager and team make me feel welcomed and help me succeed at my job.”
  • “I am always learning new things and growing in my career path.”
  • “I love my job, because I know every day I come to work will be a great day.”
  • “They attempt to implement the things employees feel needed to change and/or improve.”
  • “There are lots of great opportunities, and it gives a great work-life balance.”

On November 8, 2019, at an awards ceremony held at The Leonardo Museum in Salt Lake City, we accepted the prestigious Salt Lake Tribune’s Top Workplace award and were ranked #18 in the large businesses category. Becoming a top workplace is the culmination of great leaders casting a vision, employees blazing a standard of hard work to execute toward that vision, outstanding managers recognizing and rewarding their employees’ efforts and contributions, and employees continuing to go above and beyond client expectations.  

We spend more time working than doing anything else in our lives. At MarketStar, we believe that work doesn’t have to — and shouldn’t — be viewed as a simple exchange of an 8-hour day for a paycheck.  Creating a great experience, where every employee and client feels valued, have become a matter of principle in which we stand. Again, THANK YOU MarketStar employees for continuing to make our company a top workplace where every employee and client matters.