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Welcome to The Link

MarketStar’s careers and culture blog! In The Link we cover career trends and topics related specifically to MarketStar and our amazing team. All posts are written by MarketStar leaders, subject matter experts, and passionate employees who are excited about our company and their own careers. Thanks for joining us!

Recent Posts by Larry Reitbauer, Senior Recruiter

Larry has been with MarketStar for 7.5 years as a Recruiter. His passion is to connect people with MarketStar by sharing stories about our culture, our excellent leadership team, our work environment, and our community efforts through the MarketStar Foundation. He reviews resumes for a living, and he loves helping people improve their resumes by sharing feedback. Prior to MarketStar, he and his wife, Marcee (MarketStar Security/Receptionist), had long careers in Yellowstone.

Your Resume, Your Story

Everyone wants to know how to create a resume that stands out and ultimately gets them an interview. It can be tricky to know how to structure it, and what to include. I have been a recruiter for 7 years and have looked through thousands of resumes. I believe the key to building the best resume is to think of it as your professional work story, rather than just a list of what you have done. Your resume is the opportunity to share your story, like any good story, your resume must be clear, concise, and compelling. 

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