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Welcome to The Link

MarketStar’s careers and culture blog! In The Link we cover career trends and topics related specifically to MarketStar and our amazing team. All posts are written by MarketStar leaders, subject matter experts, and passionate employees who are excited about our company and their own careers. Thanks for joining us!

Recent Posts by Antoinette C Martin, Manager – Executive Management

Antoinette’s work life spans roles in administration, finance, operations, corporate travel, credit and collections, and executive engagement. She thrives when she is connected to people, solving problems, taking pictures, thinking, and exploring the world. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her family — an odd assortment of mice, cats, humans, and The Dog.

Designing Your Future with YOU in Mind

Are you designing your future or your dreams with YOU in mind? When I ask this question, most people look at me like I’m crazy. Of course, we do! Who wouldn’t? Well, let me explain.

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Thriving in Uncertainty

Surviving pandemics, economic turbulence, career uncertainty, and other stresses in our current world make me think of us all clinging to the side of a cliff, hoping to avoid impending doom. We seem to feel inclined to just hang on, just survive, or just “get through.” We tend to not even think that thriving is an option when life changes course without our permission. Is that our reality, or can we find a skill that allows us to thrive and not just survive?

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