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10 Things to Know about MarketStar



Chances are, someone you know or love has kick-started their career at MarketStar. As one of Northern Utah’s largest, longest-tenured, and most respected private employers, we have had tens of thousands of people work in our offices and become a part of the MarketStar family. And even though so many people have called MarketStar home at one time or another, many people still say, “Oh…MarketStar! Now, what do you guys do there?”

We’ve been providing sales jobs for tech companies for more than three decades, but there is so much more to “Our MarketStar” than just providing inside sales teams for some of the biggest and brightest brands in the world. Here are “10 Things to Know about MarketStar!”

1. In business since 1988

MarketStar began over 30 years ago in the basement of Alan Hall’s home in Roy, Utah. The company grew enough to move out of his basement into the Old Post Office building in Ogden, Utah. Later MarketStar moved to where headquarters is located today on Washington Blvd. The consistent service and value we offer to our clients has kept them coming back for more than 30 years. Our Ogden heritage and our history of providing excellent service are engrained in who we are as a company.

2. Providing 3,000 new Utah jobs in the next three years

MarketStar is projected to bring approximately 3,000 jobs to the Utah market in the next three years. In a historically low unemployment market, we are proud to be a contributor by offering jobs to thousands. Many of these 3,000 jobs will be from projected new growth at MarketStar, while some of them are projected backfill positions.

3. Sold for 280 different brands since 2004

We went back as far as we could and found we have represented over 280 brands at MarketStar since 2004. These brands—our clients—range in industry and company size. From the software monsters like Intel to hardware giants like NETGEAR. TV manufacturers like Sony and Samsung to cell phone carriers like Verizon and Sprint. As the needs of our business has changed over the years, our portfolio of clients has also changed.

4. Our CEO started as a MarketStar rep in 1997

Keith Titus began at MarketStar in 1997 in an entry level position as a recruiter and soon after moved to Motorola team. He later joined Motorola directly until he came back to MarketStar in 2012. Strategic moves and adjustments throughout his career got him to where he is today. Keith is our shining example of how hard work and dedication can help you rise in leadership, and accomplish your goals and dreams — whatever they are.

5. 3,000 hours of community service completed by employees annually

MarketStar believes in giving back and making a difference in the communities in which we operate in. "Community" is one of our four pillars, and our established foundation to support this pillar is called MarketStar Cares. Through our Cares foundation, we support multiple initiatives each year that benefit many causes and communities. Our employees are asked to participate in service activities and community betterment projects.

6. Three Utah offices

MarketStar currently has three office locations in Utah. Our headquarters is located in the heart of downtown Ogden and seats about 600 employees. A second building in Ogden is home to about 150 more employees. Our downtown Salt Lake City office provides jobs to about another 150 people who live in that market. MarketStar has been in discussions to build yet another Utah office in Logan projected for 2020!!! We would be very excited to expand into Cache Valley.

7. Locally owned and operated by the Wasatch Group

MarketStar was purchased in March 2019 from the New York City financial holding company Omnicom by Dell Loy Hansen with the Wasatch Group. We are really excited to be locally owned and privately held once again! Not many companies to go back to being private after being publicly owned, so we feel proud to be part of this elite group. This will allow MarketStar to be more flexible in how we invest back into our company! This is an exciting time to be at MarketStar and we can truly say this is #OurMarketStar!

8. Our four pillars are Spirituality, Family, Career, and Community

When we say “spirituality,” it’s about each individual and their personal well-being as a whole. We encourage a positive balance of mental, spiritual and physical wellness for all our employees. When you work here at MarketStar, your family becomes our family. We encourage a family-first culture, and we support you and your family and share in both your personal triumphs and setbacks. Professional success of our employees is a natural and true investment of ours. Commitment to individual and team performance is expected, and MarketStar is a place where employees can grow, develop, and enhance their career. Finally, as mentioned previously, we believe in giving back to the community and making a difference in the communities we operate in. Our service projects provide meaning and purpose to many of our employees.

9. Our comprehensive benefits package includes tuition assistance

MarketStar provides a competitive base pay plus variable upside earning potential based on sales performance. Comprehensive health and welfare benefit options and a generous paid time off benefit are available to all full-time employees. MarketStar employees enjoy health, dental, vision, 401K, life insurance, long-term disability, holiday pay, and paid time off. In addition, we provide unique benefits which include, tuition assistance up to $4,000 per year, a 0% loan program, parental leave (maternal and paternal), and a catastrophic leave program for short-term emergency situations.

10. Over 225 employees per year experience job advancements.

It is not uncommon to change positions at MarketStar. In fact, we encourage it! Moving around is a great way to diversify your experience, increase your exposure to several of the brands we have as clients, AND gain leadership opportunities. With about 1,000 employees, this means opportunities to advance your career are completely realistic.

Now you know 10 Things About MarketStar! What else do you want to know?