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The Raging Current of Social Sharing


In a recent office discussion after Facebook’s f8 Developer conference, our insightful Vice President of Channel Development, Chris May, made an astute observation. He pointed out that Facebook and the myriad hosts of social sites popping up worldwide provide all of us — for the first time in human history — a lasting, globally accessible record of our existence.

In that light bulb moment, I considered what’s been started with our collective flurry of continuous information being posted, liked, emailed, shared, tweeted, blogged, etc. The colossal scope of the Internet today, adding 4.5 million URLs per month in 2011, will only continue to increase in breadth and depth. In our tech-savvy world, if something hasn’t made it online — be it a business, charity, product or person — it’s almost as if it/he/she doesn’t exist. On a human communication level, this is huge. In the business sphere, a robust online presence can’t be overstated.

It goes without saying that social media has become a key marketing strategy. We’re even to the point in such a transparent society, that social presence (or lack thereof) is newsworthy. For example, last week, some Google leaders got jabbed in an article for not yet joining the Google+ train. Also, recently Google swapped around its SEO rules again, causing a scurry for many social marketers.

In my new position at MarketStar, I engage in our social media efforts. I’ll be the first to admit in an ever-changing industry already boasting “experts,” I am not one. I’m learning more all the time. Within this revolutionary medium, one must stay informed, keep plugging away with posts, tweets and concentrated campaigns to get any headway.

But wait. Is it enough just to splatter posts in a customer’s general direction and hope they get wet in a raging current of social sharing?

In a Hubspot article last month, a Bitly report concluded, “it's not where the link is shared that matters; instead, it's more important what the link shares (the content) that has the potential to attract more clicks and engagement.” This tells me it’s essential to keep content relevant and engaging for readers. After all, if we don’t use the modern miracle of technology to create and share value, what’s the use of so many billions of websites?

There’s always room to learn more about the firehouse available online. Keeping things social, I’d love to read your comments below. What do you think about the direction we’re headed with such online immersion? Do you have a favorite little-known website? Do tell.

P.S. The Hubspot article also revealed the shelf life of social media links to be only about three hours. So, many thanks to those of you reading after my three-hour post mark!