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One Environment, Three Locales


Want to know how I came to write this particular blog post? Let me set the scene for you.

Last night, while surfing on my iPad2, I started watching a video on YouTube about the upcoming Windows 8 operating system. I know, watching video about Microsoft on an Apple device, crazy, right? Anyway, as I'm watching this, I decided to send myself a little note reminding me to blog about how cool I think Windows 8 looks. Since the iPad I purchased really isn't mine, my email is not set up. So I picked up my beloved HTC Incredible 2 and sent myself a short email reminder to think on the subject in the morning when I arrived at work.

When I arrived this morning, I fired up my HP EliteBook and saw the email I sent to myself last night in my Outlook inbox. Then it occurred to me -- my life exists on three different planets! I experienced a thought in one world (iOS), communicated it through another (Android), and I am now applying the task through a third (Windows/PC).

There has to be a better way!

I have taken time on this blog to talk about my desire for convergence before, but that little rant centered around hardware. I've also talked about how much I think the OS is in the driver's seat when it comes to controlling our work production and personal entertainment lives in the future. I still believe he who controls the app, controls the universe (my homage to Herbert).

However, as I realized I had used three different operating systems to carry out one thought to its natural end, I realized how silly that whole charade really is. What we need is one OS that converges multiple devices and never changes. I want to look at my desktop computer and see one environment, then I want to look at my tablet and see the same thing. And, finally, when I pick up my smartphone, I want to see the same thing.

Is that too much to ask?

Look, I really like what Android has done -- my mobile world has changed because of this delightful little innovation. I really like what iOS has done to my personal consumption of entertainment and information. Trust me, the iPad2 is truly the center of my home. But you know what, I am now and always will be a PC.

My laptop and work environment is wonderful; I have always loved what Microsoft has done for my work life. As much as people like to take shots at MS, we would be a darker world without them, and I will always be smitten with them in a deeper way than either Android or iOS.

I used to view convergence as a way of taking one device and having it be useful in many different ways. My mind is changing. I view hardware as the simple receptacle or access point. It's the world inside the device that needs to converge, and I think we are on the verge of seeing this happen.

With true cloud computing becoming more of a reality, I don't think we are that far off. People argue that Apple is getting closest, and Google is moving in that direction at breakneck speeds, but I'm not so sure. When I first looked at Windows 8, I thought I saw the future. My money is on Redmond.

When you combine the rise of HTML5, Office365, a more widely accepted use of storage in the cloud and just the sheer number of enterprise users who STILL rely on Microsoft, we shouldn't ignore Gates and Co.

Call me crazy, but then again, I am a PC.