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Recent Posts by Russ Reed

Russ Reed is MarketStar’s Vice President of Analytics and Technology. He has created entire new products and services to facilitate MarketStar’s Business Intelligence offerings for our clients. Russ knows that numbers mean nothing if you don’t know what to do with them. He initiated the concept of BI story visualization to ensure data is easy to understand, and more importantly, to act on. Russ is responsible for building enablement tools, reporting, analytics, and products that not only drive efficiencies for a repeatable and scalable infrastructure but are innovative in the industry. Reed is a seasoned employee of MarketStar with nineteen years of service. He has held positions in IT Services, Development, Application Support, and Business Intelligence. In addition to his countless hours invested at MarketStar, Russell sits on the Community Advisory Board for the Weber State University Computer Science Program and he is an Adjunct Professor for the WSU Computer Science Program.
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Using Predictive Analytics to Drive SMB Sales Revenue

One of the great things about selling in the digital age is business intelligence. Organizations are drowning in data generated by CRM systems, ERP platforms, online marketing, customer support, and a host of other sources. Thanks to data analytics, we know more about our customers, target markets, and SMB sales opportunities than ever before. Additional assistance from predictive analytics also helps sales teams be more productive and maximize their success more effectively than they could through their efforts alone.

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Big Data Trends: The State of Sales in 2018

Big Data Trends The State of Sales in 2018

What were the leading big data trends in 2017? From artificial intelligence (AI) to data integration, there were several concepts and technologies that captivated the industry and drove it forward. Perhaps nothing was as big and encompassing as automation, which influenced everything from prioritizing leads to providing increasingly accurate, contextual prospect data. As the new year begins, however, we turn our gaze toward the future—and the state of sales over the next year.

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Leveraging Sales Data: 4 Considerations for Success

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Sales teams that do not leverage data and analytics will always be one step behind their competition. The ability to see trends, identify habits (both good and bad), and measure key activities is crucial to running a highly effective sales team. Analytics can tell you whom to target, when you should reach out, and how to best position your pitch.

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AI and Machine Learning: How Sales Technology Tools are Evolving

Augmenting human work with tools and technology is by no means a new concept. While machines have worked to improve human efficiency since the industrial revolution, these days, AI has become truly intelligent, as machines can recreate complex tasks. And the increasingly complex B2B sales landscape has started to leverage AI to improve the sales processes.

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