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Recent Posts by MarketStar Staff

Outsourced Sales: The Smart Way to Target New Verticals

Clayton Christensen, author of The Innovator’s Dilemma, How Will You Measure Your Life?, and other landmark business publications, writes about disruptive innovation. This occurs when smaller companies root a product or service in simple applications at the bottom of a market and relentlessly move up a market, resulting in the displacement of bigger companies. He states that large companies are consistently disrupted by smaller, nimbler, and more aggressive companies that attack a niche—or possibly lower end—of the market.

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The Seduction of Overworking



I started my career in the fast lane of New York, jumping into commercial banking at 18 when a Banking Center Manager came into the store I was cashiering and said, “I see something in you. Do want to work for me?” My inner engine got fired up, I said, “Yes!” and never looked back.

While I didn’t have the skill, experience, or education of those I worked next to, I was determined to outpace their every move. They worked 12 hours, I worked 14. They worked 14, I raised them to 18. It was like high stakes poker. Dry granola found in my desk drawer was frequently coined ‘lunch.’ I took meetings in the car and on the run to ensure there was no downtime. I managed every second of every day, watching my numbers, paying attention to process, and building my reputation—with masses of hours.

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How Technical Sales Is Changing the Recruiting Process



As the sales industry continues its rapid evolution, sales reps will need a higher level of technical competency to sell complex products, services, and solutions. Technology has created a demand for sales teams to stay up to speed on the wants and needs of their customers and the pulse of their respective industries at large. Not only is technology changing how teams operate and interact with their customers, but products are becoming increasingly complex. This requires a rethinking of sales knowledge and skill sets.

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Preventing Customer Churn: 3 Steps for Success

For subscription-based businesses, customer churn has a direct influence on your customer lifetime value. Churn rate is the frequency at which customers cut ties with your product or service during an established period. This metric provides you with a clear idea of customer retention and insight into overall performance.

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Cracking the Code to Sales Science and Technology

We’ve entered a new era  in sales, characterized by technology and sales science. Data and analytics are already changing how sellers sell—and we have just scratched the surface of this transformation. This trend is called the “science of sales.”

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How to Take Your Direct Sales Strategy Global

While most businesses believe that the risks of investing in emerging markets have increased over the past decade, just as many believe that the rewards have also increased, especially in markets that seem to have become saturated with existing customers and competition. In other words, businesses by and large believe that the risk and return ratio of investing in global markets is becoming increasingly favorable.

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The Fundamentals of Lead Qualification

Lead qualification is a word that is often thrown around in the sales industry. At a basic level it illustrates whether or not a prospect is a good fit for your business. However, each company seems to have their own way of qualifying leads.

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5 Ways Big Data Is Changing Your Direct Sales Team

Sales organizations have an unprecedented amount of data available at their fingertips. While it’s easier than ever to access big data, the data itself can be overwhelming. In fact, 53 percent of sales managers say they feel overwhelmed by the volume of data, and 38 percent admit that they don’t know what to do with data once they get it.

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5 Myths About Outsourced Sales and Marketing

While most organizations build their own highly successful sales teams, it’s consistently a challenge to hire the right people, design the best models, choose the best technology, and implement those changes into your current sales process. Whether you’re building a team from scratch, refining a current sales model, testing a new motion, or revamping a current process to meet modern demands, outsourced teams have the core competency to ramp programs up and down, and scale accordingly with little or no risk to your current internal sales process.

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3 Reasons Lead Qualification Is Key to Successful Sales

You and your team of salespeople likely excel at closing sales. You likely have a firm grasp of managing your top enterprise accounts. However, managing a funnel of leads and prospecting and qualifying them for growth are also likely consistent challenges.

You aren’t alone. As data shows, 25 percent of leads are legitimate and should advance to sales, but 79 percent of marketing leads never convert. What’s more, 73 percent of leads are not sales-ready, and 50 percent are qualified but not yet ready to buy.

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