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Recent Posts by Amy Wilde


Amy leads MarketStar’s strategic content efforts. She supports the client teams, as well as the Business Development and Marketing departments, with the aim of contributing to organic and new growth through content designed at providing action and sparking discussion.

As an 18-year veteran of MarketStar, she has contributed to our success for two-thirds of the company’s history. Amy built the Geographic Information System process, developed complex coverage modeling solutions, conducted in-depth customer demographic analysis, and built the client business review engine for the sustained growth and success of our clients.

Amy holds a Bachelor’s Degree in GIS from Utah State University. She is a published author and motivational speaker.

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5 Ways to Maximize Partner Relationship Management

One of the fastest ways to expand enterprise sales is by enlisting help from channel partners, but to be effective, you also need a partner relationship management strategy. To make your channel partners effective, you have to provide the tools and support they need for success.

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How Channel Partner Enablement Triggers the End User’s Journey

When you have a channel partner program, you need to rely on your channel partners to manage not only customer sales but also the overall customer experience. In the age of software as a service and recurring revenue models, everyone in the value chain has to assume responsibility for customer success. However, your channel partners are on the front line, since they closed the sale and are the first line of defense for customer fulfillment. Therefore, the vendor’s job is to enable channel partner success in order to optimize the customer’s experience.

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How to Manage Stakeholder Relations to Get Everyone on Board for 2019


Change is inevitable; in fact, it is essential for businesses to grow. However, not everyone is willing to embrace change, and even if they are willing to accept change, they may not see things your way. That’s why stakeholder relations have to be a key component of any business or change management strategy. It’s important to have everyone involved on board with the new strategy, policies, and procedures so the entire team is working toward a common goal. When making plans for 2019, you want to be sure that everyone involved shares the same vision and objectives.

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Top 5 Business Books You Should Read in 2019

To remain competitive requires fresh ideas that reveal new possibilities and opportunities. Too often, sales professionals become insulated within their own business; they are so focused on their own customers and meeting sales quotas that it is difficult to take the time to stop and contemplate new approaches and new strategies. Staying current with the latest business books is a great way to promote a fresh perspective and spark new ideas.

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Why the “Always Be Closing” Frame of Mind Shouldn’t Be the Basis of Your Sales Approach


The old-school ABC sales philosophy, “always be closing,” is a hopelessly archaic sales approach in today’s world of solution selling. B2B customers don’t want to be sold. They want solutions to their problems. Customers are better educated than ever before, thanks to the amount of information available on the web. In fact, B2B customers progress more than 70 percent of the way through the buying process before they even talk to a sales rep. They know what they want and are ready to buy. The question is where to get the best solution to address their points of pain.

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How Content Marketing Can Give Your Sales Pitch an Added Boost


Old-school selling is about overcoming objections to get to “yes.” However, today’s B2B sales pitch is more about solution selling, identifying the prospect’s points of pain and offering ways to alleviate that pain to get to “yes.” The problem for most sales reps is they don’t have a chance to engage with customers to review pain points and potential solutions, largely because no one has the patience to hear the sales pitch. 

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Before the Pitch: 5 Examples of The Best Sales Conversation Starters

The one thing that all sales professionals have in common is having to make a sales pitch. However, to get to the pitch, you have to start a conversation—and that’s where many sales reps struggle. To help you engage before you can pitch, here are some of our best examples of conversation starters and sales pitches.

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What the First 90 Days of Customer Success Should Look Like

Successful sales depend on customer success. What is customer success? It’s  the key differentiator between losing sales and ultra-growth, and the new term, especially in the B2B world, is here to stay. 

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Identifying Pain Points During the Lead Qualification Process

You know that you have a great product; your customers tell you so. You are enthusiastic about your product or service and you know that your energy comes across in sales calls. You have a list of all the benefits your product brings to the table. You have even researched the competition and are ready to respond to any objections. So why aren’t you closing more deals?

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B2B Sales Techniques For A Digital World


Strategies for B2B sales have changed with the coming of the digital age. The days of cold calling are over, and we have entered a new era of B2B sales driven by customer experience (CX) and customer service. Today, selling is more about making a connection and solving customers’ problems than it is about making a hard sales pitch to close a deal. Welcome to the age of digital selling.

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