Types of Sales Channels You Need to Have in Your Growth Strategy

Before the internet, there were two sales channels: indirect and direct. If you were a brick-and-mortar business, you sold your products directly in your store. If you were a wholesaler, you sold through resellers or distributors.

In today’s world, things are a bit more complex. And choosing sales channels to reach your targeted customers takes more effort. While the internet has certainly simplified many aspects of selling, it’s also created new demands for teams to learn and utilize disparate marketing channels.

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Successful Sales Teams Are Making Sense of Big Data

Ready or not, the era of big data is officially underway in the sales industry. The term has become something of a buzzword that refers to huge data sets. As O’Reilly puts it, big data is information that “is too big, moves too fast” and demands alternative processing methods.

Sound complex? It is. But big data also has the capability of revolutionizing sales teams. And when approached properly, sales teams are able to make sense of big data and use it to help achieve success. Here’s how:

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3 Partner Management Best Practices That Will Revamp Your Relationship

Channel sales programs enable tech-driven enterprises to gain market share, increase brand awareness, and remain competitive. However, finding value-added resellers (VARs) to sell your technology services and products can be difficult.

As manager of channel sales, you most likely focus a majority of your time on top-tier enterprise customers but need help reaching second-tier markets and smaller companies; recruiting reliable reps and making sure they’re enabled and ready to sell is the core of your problem.

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5 Little-Known Secrets to Improve Sales Productivity

It’s no surprise that an effective, efficient sales process is a huge driver behind hitting revenue targets. In fact, 79 percent of the top sales and marketing executives said that improving productivity of existing reps is a primary concern, according to recent research.

Sure, every manager strives to operate a well-oiled sales machine. However, implementing a high-performing sales culture depends on your ability to create a productive work environment. 

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5 Critical Concepts for Engaging the Partner Channel

Engaging the partner channel isn’t as easy as it once was. Partners are more diverse and specialized, margins have thinned, and hard-good solutions are rapidly transitioning from one-time fees (with service contracts) to subscription-based solutions. Those companies who recognize that the partner channel is changing, and embrace the change, will be positioned for success in the coming years. But, those who choose to maintain business as usual, will likely see their channel slip through their fingers. 

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Sales Enablement Best Practices: 3 Ways to Improve Performance

Sales leaders agree that enablement is a high priority, but consider their execution of it to be average, according to recent research. While this is a huge change from several years ago—when many organizations failed to define what exactly sales enablement was—it still illustrates a disconnect.

Sure, sales leaders are overwhelmingly familiar with this concept. And they place emphasis on sales training, coaching, content delivery, and technology. However, a majority of sales managers are still unable to deliver. 

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Invest in your partners, but selectively

When attempting to cultivate a broad partner community, vendors often make the mistake of inundating the target partners with content, en mass, and then simply wait for them to raise their hand and ask for help.

Partner onboarding support varies widely from program to program, and vendors have different expectations for how long they’ll need to hand-hold a partner until they are self-sufficient from a sales and technical perspective – in some cases the technical aspects are an ongoing support function that is provided to the partner in perpetuity. Too often the partners get thrown into the main channel program at the lowest level to fend for themselves. They then become frustrated when they are not being able to find the information they need, or being held to performance standards they don’t yet have the competency to meet.  Read More

Big Data in Business to Business Selling: Fact or Fiction?

“Big Data” is gathered from every corner of our digital life, including demographics, geography, spending habits and even lifestyle.  There are thousands of data points collected and used to market and sell goods to us as consumers and this data has spawned entire industries and software companies. 

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How Predictive Analytics is Changing the Sales Game

The process of managing and qualifying leads is difficult. While you may be an expert at closing deals and maintaining enterprise accounts, overseeing your funnel of leads with prospecting new leads is a different challenge.

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What Does "Sales as a Service" Really Mean?

The evolving sales landscape has prompted a shift away from traditional, in-house sales teams. Thanks in part to inside sales, changing sales technologies, and big data, the recruiting, managing, and training of top talent take extra time and effort.

What hasn’t changed, however, are your aggressive sales goals. Even if you could keep your best performers, it’s not uncommon for the modern sales manager to be understaffed and unable to meet growth goals. 

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