Quick and Dirty Tips for Successful Channel Partner Marketing

By now, you’re all very much aware of channel partner marketing and its many benefits. We’ve covered it extensively on our blog. From little-known secrets that can boost sales productivity to partner management best practices that will revamp relationships, our in-depth articles cover the spectrum of this highly-skilled sales and marketing processes. While it’s certainly helpful to read detailed examinations of specific topics, sometimes, it’s the little things that count. 

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4 Technologies to Drive Sales Growth

The industry has become both increasingly accessible and competitive thanks in part to improved tools and software. On one hand, technology has simplified and automated an array of processes. On the other, it has created a demand for sales teams and their managers to stay up to date.

These days, deploying the right technology and tools is essential to success. According to a recent report, the tools that a sales rep uses are highly correlated to the rep’s performance. In fact, 82 percent of top salespeople cite sales tools as “critical” to their ability to close deals.

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3 Channel Management Tactics for Rapid Growth

If you run a channel, your primary focus is on growth. You want to drive revenue through partner recruitment, geo expansion, new verticals, sales training, market intelligence, and technology enablement. The truth is, channel sales are here to stay and you need to be on top of the changing environment.

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3 Key Components of a Word-Class Direct Sales Strategy

It’s a highly competitive sales market, and new companies of every shape and size are nipping at your heels to steal your prospects and customers. That’s why it’s important to have a concise direct sales strategy in place in order to hit revenue targets, boost growth rates, and increase profits.

It all sounds very elementary, but nearly 20 percent of tech decision-makers evaluate their use of direct sales best practices as poor or below average. Additionally, about one-third of organizations claim they are average in their deployment of best practices across contact and activity management, sales opportunity management, sales performance management, and sales analysis.

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3 Things Your Channel Partners Wish You Knew

Depending on how you configure it, a channel-partner program can be an efficient way to grow your business—or a huge drain on your resources. If you have an active channel, enabling your partners is the first key step in creating sustainable relationships. However, finding the resources and the time to provide consistent enablement can be difficult.

It’s easy for managers to get caught up in the daily minutiae of managing a multifaceted sales team. If you’re managing both direct and indirect sales forces, it can be tough to strike a balance between the two. And far too often, this results in operating both on autopilot. 

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Sales Channel Management: The Truth About Driving Channel Revenue

It’s no secret that a large amount of revenue flows through the channel. According to ServiceSource, more than 68 percent of North American tech companies’ revenue is earned through the channel.

Implementing best-in-class sales channel management processes is important if you want to sell products and services through diverse, multifaceted sales channels. And driving revenue, while attracting top-performing partners, is essential to your organization—not only for success, but for survival as well. 

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The Top 3 Traits of Successful Partner Sales Programs

Developing a sustainable, successful partner program can be a useful tool for modern sales teams. Not only do these programs provide scalable opportunities, but they can maximize revenue and lower the costs associated with in-house sales solutions.

However, developing a successful partner sales program is easier said than done. While roughly one-third of businesses support indirect sales channels, not all companies excel at providing their partners with the right technology, guidance, and information to sell effectively.

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Types of Sales Channels You Need to Have in Your Growth Strategy

Before the internet, there were two sales channels: indirect and direct. If you were a brick-and-mortar business, you sold your products directly in your store. If you were a wholesaler, you sold through resellers or distributors.

In today’s world, things are a bit more complex. And choosing sales channels to reach your targeted customers takes more effort. While the internet has certainly simplified many aspects of selling, it’s also created new demands for teams to learn and utilize disparate marketing channels.

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Successful Sales Teams Are Making Sense of Big Data

Ready or not, the era of big data is officially underway in the sales industry. The term has become something of a buzzword that refers to huge data sets. As O’Reilly puts it, big data is information that “is too big, moves too fast” and demands alternative processing methods.

Sound complex? It is. But big data also has the capability of revolutionizing sales teams. And when approached properly, sales teams are able to make sense of big data and use it to help achieve success. Here’s how:

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3 Partner Management Best Practices That Will Revamp Your Relationship

Channel sales programs enable tech-driven enterprises to gain market share, increase brand awareness, and remain competitive. However, finding value-added resellers (VARs) to sell your technology services and products can be difficult.

As manager of channel sales, you most likely focus a majority of your time on top-tier enterprise customers but need help reaching second-tier markets and smaller companies; recruiting reliable reps and making sure they’re enabled and ready to sell is the core of your problem.

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